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Catastrophic events such as hurricanes and tornados can cause an extreme amount of damage and often with little notice. Here is Florida, hurricanes are a common concern in the summer and fall months. Planning ahead can prevent unwanted stress and save lives. For more information regarding hurricane preparation and disaster planning tips, follow the link here to create your own disaster plan.

After a catastrophe, it is important to know that help is available. Once roadways have been cleared, local authorities will grant access to emergency responders like Mission Boardup. Other organizations like The Red Cross and FEMA usually arrive there after also to provide aid as well.

Our Catastrophe Services:

  • Pre-Storm Preventive Measures – If you in a vulnerable area that could experience damage from flooding or strong winds, it may be smart to ask us about our preventative board up services. Following weather forecasts and listening to advice from news stations can be helpful in determining your needs.
  • Safety Assessment – We will perform a comprehensive assessment of the entire property, inspecting for hazards and areas that may pose as a danger to enter. Before the property can be deemed safe, ceiling joist or other structural items may need to be evaluated to eliminate the risk of injury. For severe damage to larger structures, we utilize structural engineers to assess the damage.
  • Board-up – After our review of the exterior structure and roof, we will generate a plan to secure the entire property to prevent further damage. While windows are most commonly affected, our team will secure any exposed areas and properly cover all to prevent additional damage or unauthorize intruders.
  • Roof Protection – Strong winds from a storm can leave the roof exposed to outside elements. One of our trained professionals will perform a thorough evaluation and highlight affected areas. To prevent further damage to the interior and exterior, our team will temporarily cover exposed areas until repairs can be completed.
  • Temporary Fencing – Properties are often temporarily fenced off to keep people out of an emergency area or to prevent unauthorized access. As a property owner, you are still liable if someone, even an intruder, were to be injured on your property. To eliminate risk, we will provide fencing as needed.
  • Emergency Power – Temporary power is often needed after a disaster situation where a building or multiple buildings are with limited or no electricity. We are able to provide our clients, both commercial or residential customers with emergency power as needed.
  • Tree & Debris Removal – Strong winds, severe weather and other disasters can cause flying debris from buildings and trees causing destruction. Cranes are often needed to remove trees that have fallen on a home or office building before the property can be secured. We have teams on-call when such services are needed. We will also remove debris such as building materials, tree branches or trash that end up on your property which help eliminate hazards and ward of potential intruders.
  • Structural Stabilization –  As a licensed general contractor, our team will ensure the property is structurally sound. Strong winds can affect the structural integrity of a property, causing the need to temporarily shore up potential threats. A qualified team member will evaluate the building integrity and devise a plan to reinforce and secure. For damage to commercial buildings, we utilize structural engineers to assess the damage when needed.
  • Emergency Demolition – To mitigate further damage to a property, demolition is sometimes required.  Our team will often remove structures that are potentially hazardous if left alone to prevent injury to any workers or other persons involved. During the assessment process, we will highlight any possible hazards and remove as necessary.
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