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After a Fire or Other Disaster

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Dealing with the aftermath of a fire or another disaster can be overwhelming. Your life has been turned on its side and you are likely dealing with an event like this for the first time. You probably have a ton of questions, but rest assured, we will assist you through this tough time. As an experienced service provider, we are committed to helping you through this process.

Our Disaster Services:

  • Safety Assessment – We perform a comprehensive assessment of the entire property, inspecting for hazards and areas that may pose as a danger to enter. Before the property can be deemed safe, ceiling joist or other structural items may need to be evaluated to eliminate the risk of injury.
  • Board-up – After our review of the exterior structure and roof, we will generate a plan to secure the entire property to prevent further damage. While windows are most commonly affected, our team will secure any exposed areas and properly cover all to prevent additional damage or unauthorized intruders.
  • Roof Protection – Roof damage can be hard to spot, but with proper equipment a thorough evaluation can be made by one of our trained professionals. To prevent further damage to the interior and exterior, our team will temporarily cover exposed areas until repairs can be completed.
  • Temporary Fencing – Properties are often temporarily fenced off to keep people out of an emergency area or to prevent unauthorized access. As a homeowner, you may still be liable if someone, even an intruder was to be injured on your property. To eliminate risk, we can provide fencing as needed.
  • Emergency Power – Temporary power is often needed after a disaster situation where a building or multiple buildings are with limited or no electricity. We are able to provide our clients, both commercial or residential customers with emergency power as needed.
  • Debris Removal – Trash and other debris are frequently left outside a property after a disaster. To eliminate hazards and ward of potential intruders, we remove debris such as building materials, tree branches and trash.
  • Structural Stabilization –  As a licensed general contractor, our team will ensure the property is structurally sound. An event like a vehicle impact can cause severe structural damage to a property, causing the need to temporarily shore up structures. A qualified team member will evaluate the building integrity and devise a plan to reinforce and secure.
  • Emergency Demolition – To mitigate further damage to a property, demolition is sometimes required.  Our team will often remove structures that are potentially hazardous if left alone to prevent injury to any workers or other persons involved. During the assessment process, we will highlight any possible hazards and remove as necessary.
  • Victim Assistance – While we are handling the damages that your property has suffered, we also want to make sure you, the victim is being cared for. We can provide temporary housing options or laundering of necessities such as clothing or offering advice handling your claim. We understand your life has been inconvenienced and it’s our goal to make your situation more comfortable.
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